Welcome to my Clouds of the Sky Pictures

I never know where I may see the clouds appear in whatever shape they take form of. All I can hope for is to have my camera in hand and start banging away.

Tornado shaped CloudThere was a very bad summer storm going over our house on day. I was watching this cloud get bigger and nastier. Well I jumped in the truck to follow it to see what happened. This was the best it got. I think it was too low to the ground to actually form to do anything. But it still looked very cool.

Sea Shell shaped cloudI was down on Sanibel Island several years ago at sunset. I keep hoping to photograph the green flash. Anyways this sea shell shaped cloud appeared while I was waiting. I thought it was pretty cool. You just never know when a different cloud will appear.

Full moon rising and a cloud moved in frontFull moon rising and a cloud moved in front cropped view(Zoom in)A evening in the late fall. I knew the moon was going to be full. I knew from the previous month where it would rise from. So I set up and waited. Figuring that it would look really cool through the trees and branches. Well to my surprise some clouds moved in out of nowhere. It started out as a clear night. Well this one cloud moved in over the front of the moon. This troll looking face appeared. Click, Click goes the shutter. Have to get a couple of pictures. One just isn't good enough.

Genis bottle shape in a cloudWalked out my back door one evening to watch the sunset. See if there were any good colors happening in the sky. Low and behold, what happens? I see this Genie cloud appear. Camera in hand, yupper, check. Get a couple of pics. Reach out and attempt to rub it. Well I got my one wish in anyways.

Skull face shaped CloudEvil Face CloudI walked out of my back door after an afternoon thunder shower. The clouds were looking cool. So I went back in and grabbed the camera. Well low and behold. The skull face on the left appeared first. Cool, I got it. Then out of nowhere about a half hour later and completely from the opposite direction. The clouds started turning orange. Strange because it was just one cloud. So I started banging away. This really evil face just popped right out. It looked like it was in 3D mode. I thought I was in the middle of a battle royal in the sky.

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