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This area is dedicated to the air. I enjoy watching airplanes, on the ground or in the sky. They are amazing. Especially the military. Those planes and Helicopter have to be my favorites.

The family went on a vacation to Louisiana to see some of the countryside. On our way out of Florida, we stopped in Pensacola, Florida. The Blue Angels are based there. On Tuesdays and Wednesdays when they are not at a show. They hold practice sessions that are open to the general public. We were able to make it there for a Tuesday show. The air time is approximately 45 minutes long. WOW, what a show they put on. I will definitely go back again when I can.

Blue Angels StarburstBlue Angels 5 & 6 crossingBlue Angels 1 thru 4 taking offBlue Angels 5 & 6 crossing invertedBlue Angels Diamond Formation

Here are several pictures from the TICO Airshow in Titusville, Florida 2012. I went on the last day of the show. Very overcast and windy on that Sunday for an air show. However the ceiling was high enough for the show to go on. I did enjoy the show. Just wish it wasn't so overcast. The Black Diamond Team was pretty amazing to watch. I saw some aerial moves that I hadn't seen before. All in all, an excellent show.

An old A4 SkyhawkA Lockheed T-33 FlyingB-25 in plain Army Colors

B-25 painted in Camo colorsTwo AT6 TexansAt6 Texans Flying together

Three of the Black Diamond team in formationBlack Diamond Team Stunt

I went to the Air fest show 2011 at Mac-Dill Air force base in Tampa Bay, FL. Here are the highlights of that show. The Thunderbirds did not disappoint for their show. The P51 and F15E were stellar in their shows and flying together. I absolutely enjoyed watching the B1B do it's single fly by. It was on the gas for it's exit also. During the show. I happened to turn around and see the rainbow landing on the Air force water tower. There were plenty of different cargo and bomber planes on display. They were also set up for people to walk through and see what the inside looks like. There were also fighters on display as well. This was a class act air show. The only downfall I experienced was the overcast cloud cover. Would have been a little nicer if it had been clearer.

Front view of an A10 WarthogAir Force Water tower inbetween two jet enginesBack of C5 jet engine

C130 in flightDC3 in flightRainbow landing on water tower

F15E in flightP51 Mustang in flightF15E and P51 Mustang flying together

SOCOM jumper with American FlagT6 Texan fighter in flight

All 6 Thunderbirds in flightAll 6 Thunderbirds in flightThunderbirds 1-4 stacked

Thunderbirds 5 & 6 crossingThunderbirds 5 & 6 flying tail to tail

Old Blue Angels hanging in MuseumModel planes of the Blue Angels on a Bridge underpassWe stopped at the Home of the Blue Angels in Pensaceola, FL. This Museum is a place to stop and see. Overwhelming with history. Plus as a bonus, we saw these model Blue Angels on the under passes of various bridges getting to the base. Spectacular.

SR-71 BlackbirdThis bad boy was on display at the USS Alabama in Mobile. Awesome plane. Nothing else to say.

Air Force 1 parkedAir Force 1 parked, closer viewThe President came to visit Orlando for a fund raiser. After his motorcade had left the premises. The family decided to go see where Air Force 1 was parked. Luckily for me, I was able to get a few pictures. Looks pretty cool.

These are pictures that I took at the Ft. Lauderdale Air Show in the spring of 2002. I didn't get a chance to return for 2003. This is without a doubt the best Air Show that I have ever seen.

American Airlines 777&727 JetsAmerican Airlines 777 JetThis was the last flight of the Boeing 727 jet for American Airlines. They apparently thought it was appropriate to fly it with their newer Boeing 777 airplane. That was a cool sight to see these two planes flying together.

FedEx sponsored stunt planeThis Fed ex sponsored stunt plane put on quite a show for the crowd. Loops, rolls, and twists that were incredible, to say the least.

Two Coast Guard HelicoptersThese two Coast Guard Helicopter did a fly by together each day over the weekend. It is really cool to see the participation from all facets of our Armed Forces in one location.

Air Force HelicopterAir force A-10 WarthogThis helicopter on the left and the A-10 Warthog on the right were doing a simulated downed pilot rescue. They wanted to show how the A-10 flew around to keep the area secure while the helicopter flew in with the rescue diver to recover the downed pilot. There were four A-10's flying around during this simulation.

F-15 Eagle fighter jetThe F-15 fighter pilot put on a spectacular show. The pilot flew the plane all around the beach. It disappeared for a bit, then came back over the crowd from behind the buildings. Talk about a scare. First you see it, then you hear it. Loud is not the word when it is no more than five hundred feet above your head.

F-14 fighter jetThe F-14 provided a similar flight as the F-15, but the F-14 gets most of the recognition thanks to the movie "Top Gun". The pilot came down from a high altitude to a low level and poured on the gas. The jet wash was cool in the fact that it swirled behind on both sides of the jet. The pilot then broke the sound barrier to form the cloud you see around the plane.

FA-18 fighter jetThe FA-18 fighter jet was amazing also. Which one to choose as a favorite is hard to say. Again the pilot put on a spectacular show for the crowd. This pilot also broke the sound barrier to form the cloud that you see around the plane.

Stealth BomberF-117 Stealth FighterThe Stealth Bomber on the left did not stay around too long. It only made a couple of passes then it was gone. Truly an awesome work of art to say the least. A winged airplane, who would have ever thought that in a hundred years someone would develop this type of airplane. The F-117 Stealth Fighter is another work of art. I'm glad that I was born in the USA. With this kind of protection, I have no worry's.

Two B1B BombersThe fly over by the two B1B Bombers was pretty awesome. They made several passes for the crowd. This is the only bomber with retractable wings. In this picture they are all the way extended for a slow pass by the crowd.

B-52 BomberThis is a shot of the mighty B-52 bomber that did a fly by. The jet wash from the engines adds to the picture. The wing span on this plane is huge. I've seen one up close, and I can say this bomber is unbelievable in it's size.

Blue Angel fighter jetTwo Blue Angels crossing pathsFour Blue Angels together

Four Blue Angels in formationAll six Blue Angels togetherWhat can anyone say, the Blue Angels are truly amazing. The close formation flying that they do is awesome. Also the criss cross that they do, talk about timing. I've seen these guys twice now, and they only get better. I saw them once before as a kid, when they were flying the old F-4's. The F-18's are so cool. One day I'll get to see the Thunderbirds also.

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