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Welcome to the Animals and Wildlife Adventures. I never know where my travels are going to take me. So in this area, the variety of animals could make up just about anything.

Northern Mocking bird siting on a fenceI was in my backyard the other day. I could hear the birds singing the songs of spring. So The camera and tripod came out for awhile. This Northern Mocking bird perched up on the corner of my fence, which allowed me to get several pictures. I enjoy times like this.

A man walking in shallow water with a gator watching and a fish jumping while a bird is watching in the backgroundThis is probably my all time favorite, just had to be there at that precise moment in time for all of this picture to come together. The question really is, whom is after whom here?

Three baby gator's and a turtle on a logI enjoyed this view for a picture as the three baby gator's were just sunning themselves while the turtle was enjoying the sun with them. The sun was shining on the log at just the right time when I was walking by to get the picture.

Water Mocasin in the waterThis was a cool picture from atop of the board walk at 6 mile. Don't think I would have enjoyed it as much on his level.

Three large turtles sitting on a logThese three turtles always seem to be at this same spot while visiting 6 mile Slough. On this day the water was very calm for a good reflection as well.

Red Tailed Hawk sitting on a tree branchAnother Corkscrew find with this Red Tailed Hawk sitting on a branch. There were several of them flying around. I just hung out for awhile to see if I could get a picture. Sure enough, time was on my side.

Racoon in the wildThis racoon was in the wild just wandering around looking for food. I saw some bushes rustling around while at Corkscrew and this little guy appeared.

White male american pelican landing in the waterWhite male american pelical landing in the water in a groupBoth of these were taken in Sanibel's preserve. The drive is cool, with many places to get out and see the various wildlife. Stay in one area for awhile to see the many activities that go on.

Small gator in the water camoflaugedThis one was just hanging out in the water camouflaged while on a visit to Corkscrew. You have to pay attention while walking.

Large Aligator sunning on a bankI saw this gator sunning on a bank while out at Sanibel in the preserve. What was funny is that a father and son were walking by and didn't see him laying there. When the father did see the gator the startled jump was kinda funny. They did give a wider path around the gator to go fishing.

Large Aligator on swimming dock6 mile Slough Preserve is another one of my favorite places to visit while down in Ft Myers. This is another board walk. Though not very long. A person just never knows what they are going to see.

Aligator with birds in a pool of waterAligator in small pool of waterBoth of these pictures were taken at Corkscrew Swamp Preserve. I really enjoy walking this 2 mile board walk. Some of the pictures are amazing here.

White birds flying in formationThis is another picture from Sanibel Island. I really like when I get to see these various birds flying in formation.

Large Elephant at Animal KingdomLarge and small Elephants at Animal KingdomA couple of pictures from the safari ride at Animal Kingdom theme park. Some days are better than others while visiting and taking pictures.

Big bugI am not sure what this is. Perhaps a Praying Mantis? Oh well it is still a good picture that I liked.

Small Black and White Warbler eating a grubWhile on the board walk at Corkscrew Swamp Preserve down near Ft Myers. This Warbler was hungry and eating a grub. Posed long enough for me to get a snap shot.

Small gator stalking a bird in the waterA different gator watching another birdThese were taken at 6 mile Cypress Slough Preserve. This is now another favorite place to go visit while I am Ft Myers visiting family. No the gator's didn't get to eat on this day. At least while I was watching.

Mother gator with a baby gatorClose up picture of Mother gator and babyIt was very dry at the Corkscrew swamp in the spring of 2012. This water hole is normally very full. This mother gator with her babies was very impressive.

Butterfly on a small flowerI was walking on a nature trail at a preserve in Southwest Florida. I was watching this Butterfly for a few minutes. Hoping it would land where I could get a picture. Low and behold. here it is.

Squirrel on a treeJust a random picture of a squirrel running around near me. This one was going up and down a tree and then running around on the ground. I got this one as it was coming down the tree.

Seagull with a french fryWe stopped for lunch one day while in Seattle at Ivars down on the waterfront. There are plenty of sea gulls there waiting for a free handout. This one grabbed it in mid air as I tossed it out to it. Best fish and chips in town by the way.

White tailed deer walking on a rock wallWhile on a trip out west I saw this deer walking on the rock wall. Usually you see them in a field or woods. This one must have been taking a short cut to somewhere.

Polar Bear at the Rochester ZooWhen we visited the Rochester Zoo in NY. They have a polar bear. I thought that was pretty cool. Since it was over Christmas break. It was rather cool. No snow up there in 2011. But hey, take what you get while your there.

WoodpeckerCorkscrew has plenty to offer for sights. I didn't get to see everything in one visit though. This is from several trips there.

Red Tailed hawk in a treeRed Tailed Hawk on a tree limbThese are two different Red Tailed Hawks. Another sight at the Swamp in South Florida.

A very large aligator laying on a big logAnother trip trough Corkscrew Swamp down in South Florida. This big gator was sunning itself on the log. Don't think I'll be jumping in the water.

Aligator hidingCorkscrew reserve is a great place to get photos of wildlife while in south Florida. You have to keep your eyes open for the hidden possibilities.

Chipmonk on a branchWhile walking around Niagara Falls on the Canadian side. I saw this little chipmunk zipping around. Stayed still long enough for me to get a picture though.

Butterfly on a flowerThere is a butterfly conservatorium just north of Niagara Falls on the Canadian side. This is well worth the price of admission. Butterfly's are everywhere. You just have to be careful not to step on one while your there.

Black Racer SnakeAnother one from Corkscrew Reserve. Saw this little guy near the beginning of the walk.

Snowy Egret on edge of waterHow these birds keep themselves this white is amazing. Don't know how they do it. Never seen one get a bath.

Small Aligator in Water SwimmingThis little guy was having no part of his mug shot being taken. Swam off very quickly, but not before I was able to click the shutter.

Roseate Spoonbill getting rady to flyBeautiful creatures when the wings are spread and ready for lift off.

Roseate Spoonbill BathingSanibel again. Usually only see these birds in the winter time. This picture struck me due to the direct sunlight as well as bathing.

Juvenile Yellow-Crowned Night HeronAbsolutely enjoy seeing reflections of animals against the water.

Herring Gull in mid FlightI really enjoy trying to capture various bird in flight. Always looking for that perfect picture.

A Anhinga Perched on a Tree BranchAnother visit to Sanibel Island for this picture. What can I say, something about the island keeps drawing me back.

White German ShepardThis is my pet dog Roxy. Not many people have seen a white Shepard. Not much else to say about this one. I just like the picture.

GorillaThis is one of the many sites one can see in this theme park in Orlando. A little bit of a walk around the Gorilla walk, but it is worth while. Some times they are playing, other times they are not. It is the chance you take.

Tiger standing on a rockI like to photograph these big cats. They are beautiful in the most admiring way. This picture was taken in Orlando at a theme park. There are many opportunities to get some fantastic photos of these Tigers.

Bobcat on Blue Ridge ParkwayThis picture was by chance only. My wife and I were driving on the Blue Ridge Parkway in Virginia when we pulled into a pull off. I wasn't paying attention when my wife said look! a bobcat sitting down. I tried to be as quiet as possible getting out of the car to get a closer shot. When I got to a better vantage point the bobcat walked away from me and started into the brush. I managed to squeeze off a couple of shots before the cat disappeared on me. This is the best one that I got. I liked the stop and take my picture look that this cat gave me. Don't get many opportunities like this.

Fox running on the snowThis picture of the fox was taken at Paradise on Mt. Rainier. I was walking around just checking out the sights up there when I saw this fox. The fox never paid any attention to me as I was able to snap off a couple of shots. It was just playing around in the snow enjoying itself.

Great Blue Heron standing in the Gulf of MexicoI was down on Sanibel Island taking sunset pictures when this Great Blue Heron was playing in the surf near me. The sunset was pretty bland that night so I started to take shots of it. The Heron was getting in and around some guys fishing line. I thought it was funny, but the fisherman didn't think so. Eventually the Heron had enough and went away, but not before I got some good shots.

Great EgretSanibel Island has a very nice wildlife preserve called J.N. Ding Darling. I shot this Great Egret bird while I was on the walking trail in the preserve. There was an abundance of these birds so I singled one out to get a good looking picture. Time for some more I think.

Tricolored HeronAgain Sanibel Island is a great place in the winter time to get some beautiful shots of various species of birds like this Tricolored Heron. There is a small waterway along the walking trail at Ding Darling. You have to look close sometimes to see some of the shots like this one, with the bird sitting on the stick with the water calm for a nice reflection shot. Couldn't pass this one up.

Lion yawningWas visiting the Miami Zoo when we came across the Lions. This female was just lying there not paying anyone any attention. Then she started yawning, looked like a good picture to me. I took several more but she didn't want to do anything but lie there. So it was time to move on.

Tiger walkingThis was taken at a local theme park in Orlando, FL. There are several Tigers there for some great picture opportunities. This one was playing in the water and then got out and started to walk around. Waiting for a good shot can take a little while. Since you just can't say hey, stop right there while I take your picture.

Tiger at Miami ZooTigers are a beautiful animal. The Miami Zoo has several that were pretty playful in the late afternoon when I was there. This one was pacing while the others were playing around. Never get enough of these big cats. I have to go back again.

Two Giant Eland's locked hornsThese two Giant Eland's were playing around as I was walking by in the Miami Zoo. Looked pretty cool with them locking horns.

bald eagleThis picture of the bald eagle was taken at the Sanford Zoo in FL. This shot didn't turn out as to how I thought it was going to. I used a fill flash to a strong afternoon sun. The eagle was sitting in a shady part of the tree, so I thought I could use fill flash to light up the body more. As it turned out, I got the negatives back and I liked the head being hi-lighted and the body left dark. This still shows good contrast thru the body and into the tail feathers. Sometimes I try to achieve one thing and I end up with something totally different. I like the way this picture turned out, more so than if I would have gotten what I wanted.

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