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Welcome to my Web Site. Please feel free to look around and enjoy yourself. I have created this space to showcase the many images that I have taken. I hope you enjoy your stay. I have been pretty busy lately adding more pictures in some of the adventures. Since the theme park adventures was added. Several new pages have appeared. Clouds of the sky. Landscape and a general racing page have all been added. Not sure what other pages I may add yet. There is one more for sure. Anything else is reserved for whatever I feel like I guess.

The image at the top of the page is a sunrise taken in Orlando, FL. This picture was taken in the fall of 2000. I had determined that the full moon was going to set over the city's skyline. The color in the sky was a bonus that morning. I cropped the image to give it a panoramic look to complement the width of the skyline. As it turned out I chose the right morning and got out of bed to be there for this picture.

Bald EagleWe took a visit to the Rochester Zoo while up visiting my son. There are several Eagles there in the zoo. Apparently they will never fly again. We were told their wings were damaged in the wild. Even though the wings have healed, they cannot fly. So in the zoo they are. It is a small zoo. Didn't take too long to go through it. Yet very worth while when visiting Rochester,NY.

Windmill in Western New York StateWhile on a vacation back home in Buffalo, NY area. The family decided to take a drive down into the southern tier. Windmill's were all over the place there. So I stopped to take a picture of this single windmill. These things are pretty massive when you get up close to look at them.

A big tree looking out of my backyardI had recently bought a new long range zoom lens. I was standing out in my backyard just poking around. I saw this picture through the view finder. It looked pretty cool, so here it is.

Honda CBR1100XXHere is a picture of my motorcycle, a Honda CBR1100XX. Otherwise known as the Blackbird. At one time it was the speed king. It is a shame Honda did not follow up on such a timeless classic. I am glad I own one.

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