Welcome to my Miscellaneous Adventures

These adventures are from family vacations. Just driving around seeing different sights. Pretty much anytime I have my camera in hand.

A view of the coner tower at St Augustine FtA doorway inside of the FortMy daughter sticking her head inside of a cannon at the FortCorner tower view from inside of the Fort

St Augustine Fort is a very cool place to go hang out for an afternoon or morning if your visiting there or nearby. There is plenty of scenes to see and experience while there. Also the old section of town that is across the street is cool to walk around as well.

Outside view of the George Eastman houseStaircase inside leading to second floorLooking down from second floor to first floorRow of coloums in the garden

The George Eastman house in Rochester, NY is one of the few places that actually encourage picture taking while on tour there. This house is simply amazing to walk through. The outside is just as good. The garden walk and other parts of the house that are accessible are worth the price of admission to see this house.

Ft Niagara winterFt Niagara soldier in the winterFt Niagara sleep house view from the Ammunitions bunker in the winterFt Niagara sleep house looking from the Ammunitions bunker in the winter shown in b&wFt Niagara weapons house with a cannon in front during the winter

These are some various pictures I took during the Christmas break I had of 2012 while visiting my son in Western NY. Ft Niagara is a awesome place to visit. The re-enactment of the french soldier firing the old musket was awesome. Then just experiencing the winter time feel of the place. Yes it was cold. Very glad I had a heated car to get back into as well.

Replica of the men on a beam eating lunch in a statueChildren playing statuesThese statues are located at Salvatores Hotel on Transit Rd just east of the Buffalo airport. There were some others, but these are the ones that captured me the most.

Flight 3407 memorial from the actual crash siteThis is the Memorial that is set up for the actual crash site of flight 3407 where people lost their lives. The tribute here was very simple and fitting. Not sure what else to say about this tragedy. So I'll just leave it at this.

These pictures were taken at a park just outside of Buffalo, NY. The Park is named Hero's and Patriots. Fitting name for the monuments and statues that are located here.

American flag at Hero's and Patriots ParkGranite Plaque at Hero's and Patriots ParkStatue of 9-11 Memorial at Hero's and Patriots ParkMemorial of flight 3407

These were from a day trip into Buffalo, NY. I was up there for my son's graduation from high school. Found out that you can go up to the 28th floor of the city building in downtown. Awesome view from up there. I have several pictures of the lighthouses, but this one from the top was outstanding.

Buffalo city buildingA view of downtown Buffalo from the 28th floor of the Buffalo City Buildingthe Buffalo lighthouses from the top of the city building

A group of seashellsWasn't quite sure where I wanted to put this one. I was at the beach one day and saw this grouping of sea shells. Looked pretty good, so I snapped off the picture. Does make me want to go back to the beach though.

Chalet Suzanne MotelChalet Suzanne is a quaint little place to stay while traveling in Central Florida. Quite the excentric place to walk around. Look at the architectural design of everything. Pretty awesome.

Auto ferry boat in Puget SoundThis is just one of the many ferry boats that run around island hopping in the Puget Sound in Seattle, Washington. This was taken many years ago. So I'm not sure if this style is still in use or not. However, this is a must see and do while out there. You never know what you'll see in the water swimming next to you.

On our return trip to home from the spring 2012 vacation. We stopped at the Florida Caverns in Marianna. The tour was approximately a one mile walk. If your a tall person, watch out for your head. It will get bumped a time or two. Pretty cool inside. It is also a constant 65 degree's year round inside. Who knew Florida had caverns.

Interior of Florida Caverns wallInterior picture of Cavern ceilingChristmas tree shaped stalmite in Cavern

Baton Rouge, LA has to be one of the cleanest cities I have ever visited. I was amazed at the cleanliness of it. We toured the old historic capitol building. This was very interesting. The old stained glass, the staircase. Just overall, very impressive. After visiting that, we stopped for lunch at the Capitol Grill. Awesome seafood mushrooms covered in a Hollandaise sauce. Those were delicious. Onto the new capitol building. That was impressive. Turned out their congress was on recess for the weekend. So we were able to view the two different chambers of house and senate. Then we got to go up to the 27th floor for the observation deck. Awesome city skyline. Quite a view from up there. Then we walked back to the car through the downtown. Some of the buildings struck me as cool. I liked how they turned out in Black and White. Awesome city.

Picture of new capitol buildingObservation floor at 27 stories for downtown picture viewSign on side of building in downtown Baton RougeBuilding with clock on entrance in downtown Baton RougeBuilding downtown Baton Rouge with street clock

Oustside view of historic capitol buildingStaircase inside of historic capitolStained glass ceiling of historic capitolLight fixtures of lamp posts inside of historic capitolHistoric Governer's Mansion

The USS Kidd in Baton Rouge, LA. Another of our war memorials for battleships. This is one that was hit by a kamikaze pilot. Was rebuilt and sent back into action. This takes about an hour to an hour and a half for the tour. The inside of the museum will take longer I think. I know it was awhile walking and reading in the museum. Excellent stop while visiting Baton Rouge.

Side view of USS Kidd5in Gun Turret on USS KiddBow to bridge pictureTorpedo holders onboardA7-E Corsair at memorial

After leaving the Tabasco tour. We drove across the street to the Jungle Garden on Avery Island. This was started by one of the original sons to preserve the Snowy white egret. This is a beautiful scenic drive. What a compliment to the factory next door. Highly recommended while in the area. Don't feed the gators though.

Tree in B&W in the Jungle GardenAligator laying on a grassy bankStairs and a concrete benchCanopy of trees over a roadCanopy of trees in B&WSign about the salt mine on Avery Island, LA

We visited the Tabasco factory for a tour. Now this was informative. We learned that they buy their barrels from Jack Daniels to use for the pepper mash. They store them for three years before putting the pepper mash into the sauce bottles. All of the bottling is done right there in Avery, LA. Now about the Jalapeno flavored ice cream. They had a Raspberry chipotle flavored there as well. That was really good. Now the whole time I was eyeing the Jalapeno and kept telling myself. That is just not right. It was going to hurt. Well, I was there and had to try it. This one definitely caused mixed emotions. Hot and cold at the same time. Well the hot was winning. So I gulped down a couple more raspberry's. Had a case of the brain freeze while my tongue was burning. I won't ever forget that place.

Tabasco sign at front door of factorySign inside of factory of Tabasco sauce going to GermanyTabasco country storeJalapeno flavored icecream

This is the oldest working rice mill in the US. Konrico in New Iberia, LA. This is listed in the travel book. The country store they had was very cool. The tour was pretty short, however very informative. I would have liked a bit of a deeper tour of the plant. I understand though for safety reasons. That just isn't allowed. Worth the stop to see and enjoy the tour.

Konrico rice MillView of the Konrico rico mill from the streetPackaging machine of rice mill

Historic Street lamps in Franklin, LAHistoric Street lamps in Franklin, LA at nightWe passed through this little quaint town Franklin, LA looking for a hotel for the night. I stopped to take a picture of the street lamps at the end of town with the last three of them. Afterwards we found our hotel just outside of town. After dinner we decided to stop back in town for some more pictures of the street lamps after dark. It was raining pretty good too. So I used the rear hatch of our van to shield me from the rain while I took some pictures. There was some very light traffic. I thought the lamps would look good with the streaking lights from some traffic.

These are some pictures from our family spring vacation 2012 just a few weeks ago. New Orleans was a very interesting city. We only visited the French Quarter and the warehouse districts though. We felt that this would be enough to do for a day visit. I was fascinated with the iron work on a lot of the buildings. Then during picture processing. I switched several of the pictures to Black & White. I liked the look of how they turned out. Also the coffee and beignets at Cafe Du Monde were awesome. That was well worth the stop to New Orleans. After leaving the French quarter, we headed off to the Warehouse district. There is a WWII and Confederate museums. These were both excellent museums to visit. Take the time to walk through them on a visit.

Coffee and Beignets at Cafe Du MondeTable and Chairs from a Restaurant in the French QuarterJoan of Arc statueSign about New OrlaensTrain on tracks leaving New OrleansPlane hanging from ceiling at WWII MuseumWWII truck in MuseumConfederate Museum in the warehouse district

A balcony piture in New Orleans French QuarterBuilding in the French QuarterBuilding in Black and WhiteCorner building in the French QuarterCorner building in the French Quarter in B&WElectric street carPolice Car with detour barrel on hood

Vietnam Memorial of MississippiGranite stone in memorialI drove past this memorial in Mississippi on Hi way 90. I kept seeing the signs for it after we dropped off of I-10. After I drove past it. I decided to turn around and go back. Just to see what was there. I was blown away at the memorial. The granite stone is what probably touched me the most. I took several pictures and just couldn't get the words to look right. So I ended up holding the camera over the stone and taking a blind picture. It has my feet in it. But hey, it turned out well and gets its point across. This was a beutiful dedication to our service men from Vietnam. Mississippi did it right.

These Pelicans are also located in Pensacola, FL. I saw the German/American one on the Navy base as we were leaving the museum. While traveling through downtown. We spotted the the Navy and Coast Guard ones. There were also Pelicans painted in the Army, Air Force and Marines. Very fitting for being a Military town.

Pelican painted German and AmeriacanPelican painted as NavyCoast Guard pelican

Ft Pickens is also located in Pensacola, FL. This is on an island south of the Navy base though. I enjoyed touring the fort. The cannons that were used during this time period fascinate me. Definitely a good time.

Big Cannon at Ft Pickens in Pensacola, FLOutter wall at Ft Pickens B&WOutter wall at Ft Pickens in colorEntrance to Ft Pickens

While visiting the Navy base at Pensacola, FL. We stopped at Ft Barrancas, which is located on the base. These are some of the pictures that I took while touring the Fort. The whole experience is awesome. Well worth your time if ever in the area.

Cannon and American Flag at Ft BarrancasWhat the Ft looked like on the inside of the outer wallsInterior hallway at Ft Barrancas

These are several pictures that I took while visiting Toronto for a day. We saw the Casa Loma Castle on the things to see map. So we made our way over for a visit. Plenty of floors to walk and see everything. Another millionaire of the roaring 20's that lost his fortune in the banking world of days gone by. While there don't forget to take the underground walk to the horse stable. As it would turn out. This is a very popular place for Hollywood to shoot various scenes in also.

Casa Loma Castle in Toronto Front doorInterior room of Casa LomaInterior room of Casa LomaAnother interior room of Casa LomaFromt view of the outside of Casa Loma

Empty shoes facing waterWhile at the beach one evening with my children. I saw my daughters shoes just sitting there. So I pre arranged them to look like the picture taken. I thought it looked good.

Disney Dream ship at Castaway CayThe Disney Dream is a huge ship. Plenty to do and see, while on board. I always enjoyed going to the island. This is a very relaxing and cool vacation to take with the family.

Erie Canel Locks in Lockport, NYThis was actually a cooler and rainy day while we were visiting in Buffalo. Seeing the locks for the Erie Canel is pretty cool. This picture is of the west end. There is a double lock for safety. Wouldn't want to dump that much water down the low area of the canel. Would loved to have seen a vessel go through while we were there. But hey, take what I can get when I am there.

Celebration Hotel at night with reflection on waterWe went to go see the fireworks one year over at Celebration, FL. I was hoping to get the hotel with some fireworks in the air. As soon as I realized that wasn't going to happen. I saw the water reflection and the different lights on the hotel. So I changed my focus point to this picture. Turned out to be a good night for picture taking.

The ride to the top of the CN Tower was simply awesome. Fast is an under statement. Then walking around at the top. There was a Glass floor to walk on and look down. I didn't feel like testing the weight limits of the glass. The view was awesome looking around. Enjoy a few pictures.

A view of the CN Tower from the groundA view from the top of the CN Tower overlooking the Rogers CenterView from the top of the CN Tower overlooking an airport

USS Drumm SubmarineOn top of the USS DrummWhile at the USS Alabama, they had this submarine on display with a walk though allowed. These old diesel subs are small.

The USS Alabama is another tour we took while in the area of Mobile, AL. I enjoy touring our history of american military. This is a big ship with a lot of history.

USS AlabamaView from the Bridge to the BowView from the bow to the bridge

Ft Gaines in Mobile, ALA view from inside of Ft GainesWhile traveling to Mobile, AL, we stopped at Ft Gaines after a ferry ride. Very cool area I must say. I enjoyed walking around. The inside picture was very cool. I am always looking for unique pictures. I believe I found one with this one.

St Louis ArchSt Louis Arch with traffic lights streaking in frontOn our visit to St Louis. We did the usual suspects of the Arch. The trip to the top was very cool. The walk around the premises was awesome. I saw many awesome photographs of the Arch for sale down in the basement. They were very good too. However, time was limited for me and I wanted my own stamp on while I was there. So I looked around and walked over to the big building across the street with the big steps. Luckily for me there was a decent amount of traffic to get the desired picture I was after. I think it turned out pretty good and put my own stamp on it.

I saw these locomotives and many more at a Transportation Museum just outside of St Louis. There was plenty to do there. If your a locomotive enthusiast. Then this is the place for you. I have many more pictures. However only so many from each visit will make it on here. These are a few of the ones I liked the most to showcase this museum.

Big locomotive with Army on itVery big locomotive engineCustom Loco

Mayflower IIAn exact replica of the original Mayflower. They said it is sail worthy. Whom am I to argue. Take their word for it. I didn't take the tour of it though. Probably should have though. Perhaps another time.

Plymouth RockYes, here it is. This is the actual rock that the Pilgrim's tripped over while landing on shore.

A bench to sit onI don't remember where I was for this bench. Sometimes you just have to stop and take a break from it all.

Two folding chairs in waterWas over at the Space Coast for a shuttle launch. A young couple had placed these chairs in the water and went for a walk about. Looked like a neat picture.

Two open round windowsThis one was taken inside an museum in Atlanta. Plenty of exhibits inside, as well as things for kids to do. One of my favorite pictures from there.

USS Constitution Side ViewUSS ConstitutionOld Iron Side is the nickname. The old girl was under construction while we were visiting. Nothing wrong with a little rehab. The tour of it was amazing. Some things we will never forget.

Train and passanger carsTrain at the stationThis was a train ride for about an hour and a half. They had other rides going up into the mountains for a longer period of time. Including a dinner ride. However, due to time constraints. We took the short ride. If I remember correctly this was located in Conway, NH.

Jonathan Young WindmillWindmill in NEThe windmills were another pullover stop on our journey through New England. I don't recall the name of the one on the right. But it made for a cool stop and shoot.

Cabot Cheese FactoryAnother factory tour that was taken while on vacation in New England. I also learned on the tour that Colby and Monterey cheese are the same. Just the color of it is different. Different areas liked the different colors. You just never know what your going to learn on a tour.

Bolt Castle View from one of the upper floor roomsBolt Castle Play house for the childrenAnother couple of pictures from Bolt Castle. The views from the upper rooms were spectacular. The other building was a play house built for children.

Bolt Castle from outsidePower House at Bolt CastleHere are a couple of pictures from Bolt Castle in the Thousand Islands, NY. This place was well worth the price of admission to enter. As well as the ferry ride over and back.

Desert on a Paint Palete PlateWhat else is there to say. Desert is served. Dang it, that is making me hungry now.

Delta III RocketDelta III Rocket Lift OffWent over to the Space Coast for a rocket launch one evening. Pictures turned pretty good. Considering you don't get a second chance to retake the pictures. Unless you go back for another lift off.

Drive Through Covered BridgeI wanna say this was near Conway, NH. We drove through the bridge first. Pretty cool as I never drove through one before.

Covered Wooden Train BridgeWhile in New England, we were driving down a two lane back country road. I spotted this with a pull off. Being the photo buff I am. Here is the picture.

A cross on a telephone pole with a CB Antenna on top.I found this picture to be interesting. We were over to the coast to watch a shuttle go up. I happened to look up and saw this. Just interesting.

Curvy Boardwalk in a swampBoardwalk with a Zig and a Zag to itThese pictures are located in a wildlife preserve called Corkscrew Swamp. Both of these pictures offered smoothing lines to them. Plus they got my imagination running. Where do they lead to? What is laying around the next corner?

Entrance to Ben and Jerry's Graveyard at thier factoryBen and Jerry's Bus with my childrenWhile on our vacation to the Northeast. A factory tour of Ben and Jerry's was in order. Naturally a stop into the graveyard for a viewing of the retired flavors had to happen. The bus was a bonus on the short walk to the graveyard. My children were kind enough to stop and strike a pose.

My daughter in a wedding as a Flower girlMy daughter was a flower girl in a wedding of one of my wife's friends. She had a good time playing this roll.

Beer and FlowersI had attended a wedding and this set up was part of the arrangements for the tables. Naturally the beer was added. Thought it made a pretty cool picture.

Largest single arch bridgeThis is a picture of the New River Gorge Bridge in West Virginia. There is a very nice walkway provided to get a view of this bridge. A worth while stop when passing through West Virginia.

Washington Monument at night with a full moonTomb of the unknown soldierWashington Monument with American FlagWashington Capital building at dusk

My family and I had taken a trip to Washington D.C. about two weeks before 9/11. Walking around the mall was very inspiring to ones soul. Seeing the monument on the water of the reflection pond, this brings back memories of seeing pictures from events such as Martin Luther Kings speech for black American civil rights. I was not born yet, so I have to rely on pictures from the past. Arlington Cemetery is another place to fill ones soul with our nations rich history. Some people just appear to wander around aimlessly, While others appear to genuinely take in the moment. The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, and the changing of the guard is something that I will never forget. The Washington Capitol building is another site that is awe inspiring. Although we don't always agree with what goes on there, we still have to respect what our fore fathers had envisioned for us as people and as a nation.

A tribute to the Vietnam War MemorialWhile on our trip around the mall my family and I stopped to see the Vietnam Memorial. The wall is huge, I don't know how to describe it. As I was walking along trying to absorb the history I came across this scene and had to take this picture. I don't know what else to say about this monument. So I'll leave it as it is.

Korean War MonumentThe Korean War Monument is another place that stirs the soul. I wish I could say something here also that would not sound phony, so again I'll just leave it at the picture to the right.

Street Signs In Arlington CemetaryThe street sign in Arlington Cemetery caught my eye as to the content in the picture. I saw both memorials and they are something you have to see for yourself to believe. Just standing there made me feel grateful for the country that I live in.

White HouseI'm sure that when I took this picture that those inside could tell what camera and lens I had on my tripod. I don't think that I could get this one again. Things sure were quite different before 9/11. However I still enjoy the same freedom now, as I did back then.

Stone mountainThe sculptures on Stone Mountain sure are impressive. The cable car ride to the top was fun. You sure can see along ways away. The train ride around the mountain was pretty cool also. They had a play shoot out that was neat. I love that kind of stuff. Well worth the trip to take in this site.

Eagle and Beaver Mural painted on the ceiling at the Hard Rock CafeThis mural is painted on the ceiling at the Hard Rock Cafe in Niagara Falls on the American side. I like to eat at the various Hard Rocks. Also my wife likes them too, She likes to collect their pins, so we stop when the opportunity arises.

Star over RoanokeRoanoke SunsetI took these two pictures on the same evening. We went for a motorcycle ride to where the star is above Roanoke, VA., just to check it out. Then as the sunset was happening I set the camera on some rocks to keep it still for the picture of the sunset. All in all it was a good night and a great ride also.

Celebration Hotel at NightThis picture of the Celebration Hotel was taken after the water had a nice calm to it. I was looking for a nice reflection shot. The colors that light up the hotel at night just added to the picture. There is a nice walkway around the small pond that you are able to enjoy an evening walk. This is from where I took this picture.

Shrimping Boat on the WaterI was on the ferry to the Outer Banks when I saw this Shrimping Boat. I don't get the opportunity to get pictures of this type, so I took advantage of the opportunity that came before me. Sometimes you just get lucky and more often than not, you don't. So when I see something I click the shutter.

Space Shuttle Night LaunchThis is the first time I went over to the Space Coast to see the Shuttle go up. A night launch was in order for my first experience. Simply put, I can't put this experience into words. You have to see it for yourself. Anyway I was in Titusville looking over the inter coastal waterway when I took this shot. One day I'll return for some daytime pictures of the launch.

Battleship North CarolinaBullets for the Sixteen Inch GunsThe picture on the left was taken on the Battleship North Carolina's Bridge. This is the view that the Captain and the Bridge crew had over the twin turrets of the sixteen inch guns. The picture on the right is the bullets that go into the sixteen inch guns. I had my son who is nine years old, and my daughter who is two and a half stand next to the bullets for scale comparison.

Vietnam Navy Base CampThis is a picture from the Yorktown Aircraft Carrier Memorial in Charleston, S.C. The Navy Base Camp replica was pretty neat. It gave you a feeling of what it was like over there. I can only imagine what our soldiers went thru and the life that they had to live in order to survive. I know allot of people that served and when I saw this I thought of them. I know this is only words but I enjoy our countries rich history. When I see the memorials all over our country it makes me thank the people who serve and who have served for me to enjoy the freedoms that I have today.

WWII Navy Pilot Story BoardF-14 Tomcat on the deck of the USS YorktownUSS Yorktown Aircraft Carrier

The picture in the center above is a snapshot of the USS Yorktown Memorial in Charleston, S.C. I couldn't help but feel the nostalgia when walking on the main flight deck of this ship. It was incredible to say the least. I let my mind drift off, I could feel the action happening all around me. The history of this ship is too much to put into words. The feelings I had, and the memories it now provides is mine to keep. The picture on the left is of Navy pilot Edward O'Hare. The reason this is significant is that due to his accomplishments in the Navy. The Chicago O' hare Airport is named after him. That is in the story line on the board below his picture. The picture on the right is none other than the F-14 Tomcat. I like this shot for the simple reason that it reminds me of the movie Top Gun. Just before the last air fight scene the F-14 is being brought up the platform lift, for take off to go join the last fight. Pretty awesome.

This is one of the Last Diesel Submarines to serve the NavyThis is the front Torpedo Room of the Deisel SubThis Diesel Submarine, USS Clamagore, is also at the USS Yorktown Memorial. Wow. Those Guys were agile, how they got around is beyond me. It was neat to go thru it though. Those men that served aboard those subs deserve credit for serving on one of those. That was small.

Over Under Stone Bridge on Mt RainierThis was another picture I took while on vacation in Seattle. The mountains are very inspiring to say the least. I was walking back to see the water I had just passed over and when I looked back this is what I saw. Naturally I have to stop and pop a shot off. Film is the cheapest thing for me. One day I may go digital, until then I'll stick to my slides.

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