Welcome to my Theme Park Adventures

This is my page for my visits to theme parks. Mostly it will involve Florida's Parks.

Dinosaur Rock with waterfallThis is one that won't be seen again most likely. Not unless They reopen the boat ride around Disney's AK. It was cool while it was running. just one of the many sights alond the route.

Monorail with Blue Tron sideMonorail with Yellow Tron sideWhen I saw this monorail running on the beam. I knew I wanted to get a few pictures of it. I was talking with a close friend about it. He suggested we get together and make and evening of it. Thinking that the night time pictures would turn out better. What an evening it turned out to be. Good friends, good times. Amazing pictures.

Two chairs facing a fireplaceTwo chairs sitting in front of a staircaseThe Disney hotels offer some of the best pictures. Just have to take the time to walk around and keep your eyes open for opportunities to appear.

Rope wound around two wooden polesThis one you will have to walk around the inside of the animal hotel to see.

A pole going verical against a brick wallI saw this one while walking around the many shops at Disney's downtown area.

Latern style Light hanging from a poleThere are many picture opportunities across Disney's many properties. Just have to stop and look around. Never know what kind of picture you might just find.

Tree of life at nightOn one of our many trips to this theme park. I wanted a night picture. Well, I decided that the walkway on the way out was the best location for this picture. Turned out pretty good.

Epcot Ball with Epoct Sign at the topEpcot Ball with Y2K sign at the topA coupe of pictures of the big ball with the varying signs that were at the top of over the years. The 2000 sign picture is most likely my all time favorite picture I have ever taken inside the theme parks. Having the two Icons at the very front and illuminated was a big bonus. These signs are a time ago. Most likely never to be seen again. Well at least the Y2K sign anyways.

Tigger PosingBar none, Tigger is my favorite character. What else is there to say about this one.

Home Made Water LineThis water line is pretty intricate. Amazing how people can come up with these ideas and then implement them.

Tower with a Flame at the topOne of the many towers located around the showcase. You'll see these lit up for the night show that takes place there. Awesome show. This just happens to be my favorite park to go and visit.

Tree of LifeThis picture is from a picture spot around the tree. A very good spot to take this picture for yourself.

A man on the nose of ShamuTwo Whales swimmingThree Whales coming out of the Water

Here are a few from Sea World. This is going back when the trainers were allowed to swim with the whales. I'm not sure if the show will be the same without this interaction.

Castle with FireworksThis was one of my first attempts at a time delay many years ago. I really liked how this one came out.

Three Duck Characters HikingThis is a picture you can find in AK. There are many picture opportunities there. Just have to be on the lookout.

Poseidon at the old 20 Thousaand Leagues Under the Seas AttractionHere's one you won't see anymore. Since the MK is redoing that whole area. Gone but not forgotten.

Lighthouse tower at Islands of AdventuresUniversal Studios BallI really like these two pictures At Universal. They are the defining elements when entering either of their two theme parks.

Harper MillHere is a picture you'll find near adventure land.It just catches my eye.

This is a Gazebo from the BoardwalkWhen you take a walk around the Board walk, you will see this picture with the Eiffel Tower from France in the background.

Clown Fish outside of The Living SeasHere is a photo op just outside of the living seas.

Contemporary HotelI was on one of the ferry's going across Bay lake to the entrance when I took this photograph.

CastleHere is a picture of the Castle in the oldest theme park in Central Florida, MK. There are many views of the castle. I just happen to like this one.

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