Waterfalls and Streams

Another style of photographs I enjoy taking are waterfalls. The beauty of them can be breathe taking. Or just awe inspiring.

winter stream with snow on the groundA simple stream with snow on the ground and falling from the sky all around me. Slippery conditions as I was walking to get this picture. It happens sometimes, jusrt have to be careful not to drop the equipment is all.

Glen Falls Williamsville, NYI couldn't tell you how many time I have driven through this small town Williamsville, NY and not stopped to see this waterfall. I really enjoyed the picturesque view that the winter time had displayed upon the falls.

Waterfall in Falling Waters State Park of FloridaSink hole at bottom of WaterfallOn our return trip from the spring vacation of 2012. We stopped at the Falling Waters State Park of Florida in the Panhandle. Unfortunately the water wasn't running due to it being the dry season. The sink hole that this falls in is pretty amazing at how round it is. I'll have to get back up there one day when the water is turned on.

Stream view from the top of a walking bridgeView of the Niagra River from Goat IslandThese two were taken on a trip to Niagara Falls on the American side. There is Goat Island on the Niagara River, shortly before the falls. Makes for some good pictures and a preview before you get to the falls.

Letchworth State park's middle fallsThis is located in Western NY. Letchworth State Park. There are 3 falls located in the park. Upper, middle, and lower. This is the middle falls. Just happened to be a rainbow there as I was shooting.

Nocutula Indian waterfallWe ran across this one in Alabama. It was said that an Indian girl had jumped from the top, because she didn't want to get married.

Niagara Falls side viewThis one was taken from the Canadian side. There is a under the falls tour one can purchase. This one took many tries to accomplish. The lens kept getting wet from the over spray. But I got it with some persistence.

Niagara Falls at night with red lights shinning on the fallsNiagara Falls in winter at nightI was visiting Niagara Falls over a Christmas vacation. There was lots of snow and ice. Had to be careful where I was walking. Didn't want to slip and fall. However the Canadian side produces these high powered flood lights onto the falls in various colors. Makes for some good photography.

Niagara Falls Close up pictureHere is a close up of the falls from the Canadian side. There is nothing there to keep you from going over. Defiantly a must see.

Fiftyfoot FallsSide view of Fiftyfoot FallsThis waterfall is on the way up to Mt. St. Helens. There was only a little sign that told us it was there. When I walked down the trail to the falls, I was stunned at the majestic beauty of it. I took some pictures with as much in the scene as you see on the left. Then I was able to climb the embankment to get some side pictures like the one that is on the right.

Waterfall at Tacoa christan CollegeThe Tacoa waterfall is said to be taller than Niagara Falls. This was a cool spot to check out in north Georgia. It was also said that some years ago the Dam at the top broke and washed out the dorms of the college, killing a bunch of people while they slept at night. It sure doesn't look like much, but the fury of water and mother nature can sure fool you sometimes.

Stream in the Pacific NorthwestI was driving back to my grandfathers place in the northwest when I spotted this stream. This looked like a cool picture so I stopped to burn some film. I do that allot from time to time. It does get expensive when I shoot allot. However it is a hobby that I enjoy very much.

A very tall WaterfallI believe that I took this picture on the road around Mt. St. Helens. It is across a very deep gorge. Not very likely to go hiking so I had to break out with the long lens to get the close up on this one.

Christine Falls on Mt. RanierI stopped at this waterfall to get some pictures, because it was there. Well I happened to meet another photographer there. It was cool talking to someone with published credentials on his side. I later had him sign one of his pictures for me. It is not often you get to meet the person behind the camera, so I enjoyed the moment.

Waterfall Through TreesI saw this picture and had to do some bracketing. The view is awesome on this one. Looks like you are sitting in a room somewhere just looking out a window. I could day dream on this one for awhile.

Chetola Resort in North CarolinaMy wife and I spotted this on our way to find a motel room for the night. So we got up in the morning and went in to see the resort. Very cool place to visit, and I was able to get this cool picture also. I like the gazebo in the picture, I think it makes the scene.

Big Waterfall on the Blue Ridge in N.C.I had to walk a little ways to get to this one. I'm sure it has a name, But I don't remember what it is. I need to take notes for times like this. Either that or I should have done this site a long time ago.

Waterfall on the Blue Ridge in N.C.This is another waterfall in N.C. on the Blue Ridge Parkway. It seemed that N.C. had the waterfalls that were only a short hike to get to. A short hike is alright, but a long one with all the gear gets pretty tiresome.

Another Waterfall in N.C. on the Blue RidgeWhat can I say I like waterfalls. Can't remember where in N.C. I saw this or if it has a name or not. One day I'll have to go back through and get a name for these waterfalls. In the mean time enjoy them.

Waterfall through a crack in RocksThis is a waterfall again somewhere in the Pacific Northwest. I don't remember where so I can't really tell you much about it. Oh well I guess that is how life goes once in awhile. It again also teaches (take notes).

A Waterfall that looks like fingersI'll tell you not having a memory from only a couple of years ago sucks. I don't recall where I took this one from. Sorry.

Waterfall with a couple sitting at the bottomAnother waterfall on the Blue Ridge in N.C. This one had a bit of a hike to get to. When I got there a couple was sitting at the bottom of the falls. I took the opportunity to snap off a couple of pictures while their backs were to me. Made a nice setting with the suns rays hitting the top of the falls.

Snow pile at the bottom of WaterfallThis was a nice picture on Mt. Rainier. It was very slippery getting to the bottom for this shot. Wasn't used to climbing on snow down hill. But I got the picture and survived the climb back up.

Looking at Waterfall through small treesAnother waterfall I don't remember where I saw it. So I'll just leave at the picture. Enjoy.

Waterfall up closeWaterfall with streamThe waterfall on the left looks pretty big by itself. But when I zoomed out the camera lens to more of a wide angle. I got the waterfall running into and becoming the stream. I liked the before and after looks of this, so I took them both to share here.

Small WaterfallThis shot was taken when I was vacationing in Seattle,WA. I don't remember if it was taken on Mt. Rainier or Mt. St Helens. I was driving up the mountain road to the top. Well as far as I could anyway. As I passed by this small waterfall I just couldn't resist stopping and setting up the tripod. If you don't take a chance on doing some bracketing exposures it is hard to get the best shot. I like the way the greens in the picture just jump out at me. I guess that is part of the reason I stopped to begin with. The greens all over the Pacific Northwest are simply amazing.

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