Welcome to my Landscapes Pictures

Landscapes are a good part of my photography. There is always someplace with a nature picture, just waiting to be photographed. Hopefully I will spot it and have the camera ready for the picture.

Trees with vines in black and whiteShooting in my backyard the other day. I was scanning the tree line looking for some birds that were flying around. I passed this view, had to go back and look it over some more. I then determined that this would look really good in black and white. So here it is, I like it anyways.

Winter forest pictureA very sirene picture of the quietness that is in the woods during the winter time.

white feather at the base of a treeWhere is the owner of this feather? I am not sure, however this made for an interesting picture.

Pathway in woodsWhere oh where does this lead to? Sure would like to find out. Or perhaps not, just leave it to my imagination.

Moss on tree limbsAnother picture that just caught my eye as I was walking by this tree. Sometimes one just has to stop and see what is around them. Couldn't say how many times I have walked right past this scenario without stopping.

flower and grassA simple flower with a smooth backdrop for a picture. This one just caught my eye and had to share.

Deadwood in the middle of a pond with the outer trees as a reflectionreflections of trees Just an awesome picture of this deadwood isolated in a pond with the trees as a reflection around it. Just makes one stop and take a moment to reflect.

deadwood caught hanging in a vine above the waterVery cool picture of this deadwood caught hanging in the vine. Just makes one wonder how it got there and how long it's been there.

Wood PileI saw the wood pile knocked over and strewn about. Looked like a good picture to take and have. It also reminded me of days long ago when I had to cut and stack myself.

Star looking FlowerI am not sure if this is bloomed or not. Don't really know what it is actually. Just looked cool, so I took the picture and here it is.

Here are some various pictures of leaves and such on my travels in nature. Sometimes you just have to stop and take a look around. Never know what your missing.

Red Berries on a treeRed leavesSingle small leaf hanging from a branch

Dead tree still standingSaw this old tree while on another walk through Corkscrew Swamp. The many times that I go there. I am always seeing different pictures to take.

Train running along the coast lineThis was a cool picture I saw while running the ferry system in Seattle. We had gotton of the ferry and was walking around checking things out at the beach they had there. Then this train appeared around the corner. Made for a good picture I think.

Valley overlook around Mt RainierThis a cool valley picture around Mt Rainier. Amazing the pictures you see when just driving around looking at the scenery.

Very old ChurchThis is an old Church I saw while traveling from my grandfathers place out west. We stayed at his house while visiting Mt St Helens and Mt Rainier. This old Church just stood out to me as a good picture.

Rock wall reflection on waterThis is another picture from the Blue Ridge Parkway. When I am up there taking pictures. I try to hit all of the pullovers, just to see what is there. This was a cool one.

A rock slide valley on Mt RainierThis is a view that I just couldn't pass up when traveling around Mt Rainier. A cool looking rock slide valley.

Bok Tower reflection on the waterClose up of Bok TowerBok Tower in Lake Wales, Florida is a botanical garden that is a cool place to visit. It is also one of the highest places in Florida. Good place to just hang out and enjoy what nature has to offer.

Flower and a watermillThis is another one from the Blue Ridge Parkway. The flowers in the foreground made for a cool composition.

Girl sitting ona large rockI was on the Blue Ridge parkway enjoying the sights. I saw this rock formation and decided to stop and get a picture of it. Shortly there after a girl walked out onto it and sat down. The way she sat down on the rock to ponder her thoughts made for an exciting picture. THis rock reminds me of Disney's Lion King movie. Pride Rock.

RailRoad Tracks down lowThis was taken near my house. I was checking out the old abandoned RR tracks for some picture taking. Turned out, I liked how this one came out.

Fence row on the Blue Ridge ParkwayThis is a picture from the Blue Ridge Parkway. I truely enjoy driving that road. I have to pull over and stop all the time. Just never know what kind of pictures I may run across.

Boat house on water reflectionWe were in Fort Payne, Alabama when I took this picture. There was a small park with a waterfall. This was on the back side of the waterfall. Very calm water for a reflection picture.

Two flowers growing on a treeI am not really sure if this is the start of new branches or flowers growing on the side of this tree. Made for an interesting picture though. It turned out very well.

Small island with a resting bench looking at a riverWhile on a trip to Niagara Falls. We decided to crossover to the Canadian side. We spotted this on the scenic drive south headed to Ft Erie along the river. This one just made me really want to go over and rest for a few minutes. But alas, on the move to the next best picture.

Two trees with different colors blending togetherWhile at the Eastman House in Rochester, NY. I spotted this on the outside part of the tour. I really liked how the colors blended together.

A statue made of childrens hands and skullsWe were in Rochester, NY for a vacation. We came across this statue. It is called the seat for remembering and forgetting. It was made using plaster casts from childern's hands and skulls. Being surrounded on 4 sides by this was intense. I personally did not go and sit down. I found it to be both interesting and yet disturbing at the same time.

Old grain mill falling down in black and whiteOld grain mill in colorThe family and I were traveling in Western NY. We were on our way to a friends family Vineyard for some local wine. We spotted this gem. I couldn't make up my mind whether I liked it in black and white or color. So enjoy both versions.

Four small trees in waterI found this picture at a wildlife preserve on Merritt Island. I was waiting for an evening launch of a Delta Rocket. So I went over early to see what pictures I could get. This is one of them.

Path walkway at Bok TowerI took this picture at Bok Tower in Lake Wales, FL. The botanical garden is full of photo opportunities. All you need is a camera, and start clicking away. This is truly a beautiful place to stop and take some pictures, or just relax and enjoy the scenery. As they say sometimes you just have to stop and smell the roses.

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