Lighthouses Thru My Camera Lens

This is the start of my collection in the Lighthouse series. I enjoy going around to visit as many lighthouses as I can. If only I had the resources to take a year off, and try to visit as many as I could. That would be an incredible vacation to say the least. Well anyway I hope you enjoy what I've already had the pleasure to start out with.

ft niagara lighthouse winter in the winterJust had to go back to Ft Niagara while on winter vacation. I wanted to see this from a different perspective such as winter with snow on the ground.

30 mile point lighthouse in the winterWhile on our family Christmas vacation visiting my son. We took a drive up to Lake Ontario. 30 Mile Point Lighthouse was one I hadn't visited yet. There is also a picnic area to relax and enjoy your day. At least during the warmer months in Western NY.

Mukilteo lighthouse in Puget SoundThis lighthouse located in the Puget Sound of Washington State can be seen from the ferry boat as you are approaching shore. Mukilteo lighthouse is cool with the steel mast placed in front of it also.

Lighthouse in Pensacola, FloridaClose up picture of the topAfter visiting the Blue Angels for their practice session. I just had to go across the street for another picture of this lighthouse. ALso a close up of the top felt like it was in order also.

Lighthouse in New OrleansThis is a neat lighthouse. In desperate need of repair. But cool none the less. Took me a few extra minutes to find it. But worth the drive while I was there on vacation.

Lighthouse in Biloxi, MississippiWhile on our family spring vacation of 2012. We dropped down off of I10 to Hi way 90 going through Biloxi, Mississippi. This lighthouse was in the middle of the road. There was also a tourist welcome center right in front of it. We were allowed to go up on the balcony of the second floor to get the picture. If your in the area. This is cool.

charlote beach lighthouse in Rochester, NYTook off for a trip to Rochester. While visiting up there in NY. Saw this on the map of interests for things to see. Glad we stopped to take a couple of pictures. Lighthouses never get old. Although this one was saved by the local High School I believe it was from destruction.

Oakville Lighthouse in Ontario, CanadaAnother lighthouse on the way to Toronto. This one was a little hard to find. Good thing for a GPS in the vehicle. There are more up the area, but we only had so much time to visit for the day.

Burlington main canal lighthouseDecided to take a trip to Toronto while visiting Buffalo. This is one of the few lighthouses we saw on the way up there. This one is in Burlington.

Buffalo Lighthouses at SunsetTook another trip down to the water front in Buffalo while visiting. We just happened to get there near sunset. So, why not set up and snap a picture or two.

St Augustine Lighthouse after darkWe were in St Augustine visiting the Fort and the old Historic downtown. We also stooped by the lighthouse during the day. Went up to the very top for a visit. Sometimes you just have to go to the top. Well anyways. We thought we'd drive by the lighthouse on our way home after dark, just to see what it looked like. Well naturally I had to set up and see what I could get. Walked away with this picture and some good memories of St Augustine.

Lighthouse at St MarksThere was a very cool drive to get here. Then several miles away the top of the lighthouse would appear looming over the roadway as you drive. Neat affect while driving.

Pensecola LighthouseIf you are touring this lighthouse, I would suggest you visit the Blue Angel Museum Across the street from the lighthouse.

Wooden LighthouseThis is a newer lighthouse. I used to go fishing on this rock pier a lot as I was growing up. Was a pleasant surprise when I revisited this place. A lot of good memories were made here with my father fishing.

Old bottle neck and newer Tall lighthousesNear downtown Buffalo, down on the waterfront. You can find this sight of the two lighthouses. The old bottleneck and the newer taller lighthouse. Pretty cool that these two stand together. Made for a good photograph. Next time I am in the area, I will attempt a better sky background. Perhaps a sunset with good color might be better. See what happens.

Tibbetts Point Light houseStopped at this lighthouse a little ways before we hit Lake Ontario. This trip was a Lighthouse dream. There were many more that I didn't have time to get to. I guess that's an excuse for another vacation.

Ogdensbury Harbor LighthouseAgain, another scenic drive headed down to the Thousand Islands of New York. Pit stop along the way for another great picture.

Crossover Island LighthouseWell now, more lighthouses on this trip. Yes there was. This one was taken along side of the road. Had to reach out and get this one. Carry a big zoom for this one. Unless you have a boat and can get close.

Cape Neddick LighthouseWell this was my last stop for lighthouses along the Northeastern Atlantic coast. The rocks were very slippery at this one for getting a good picture.

Scituate Lighthouse Another one along the coastal drive in Maine. I feel like a big kid walking around the properties and checking out all of the possible angles for various pictures.

Bug Light LighthouseSpring Point Ledge LighthouseThese two weren't very far from each other. I really enjoy it when a plan comes together like that. Got two lighthouses in a very short amount of time.

Potland Head LighthouseBeautiful scenic drive up the coast out of Massachusetts headed to Maine where we saw this one. Many places to get pictures around the perimeter.

Two Lights LighthouseJust another spectacular view. Enjoy

Nauset LighthouseAnother lighthouse in the vicinity of Chatham. There was also some smaller ones there also, however they were not in use. I believe they were called the three sisters.

Chatham LighthouseWe had spent the night near this one. What a quaint little town on the island. The hospitality was very good. However one could tell that you were in an upscale community.

Cape Cod Highland LighthouseThe family took a vacation to New England awhile ago. While there I had wanted to drive Cape Cod. Just to say I was there if nothing else. It was quite the experience. This is one of the two that I was able to get a photograph of.

Ponce De leon LighthouseFinally had the time recently to head over to the east coast of Florida and get a few pictures of the Ponce De Leon Lighthouse. I forget how many steps to the top of it. Well worth the visit if given the chance.

Sanibel lighthouseSanibel Island has many photo opportunities like the lighthouse. I usually have to make at least one trip by the lighthouse when I get the chance to visit. This picture may change in the future if I can score a better one than what I already have.

 Oswego, N.Y. LighthouseThis is a shot of the Lighthouse in Oswego, N.Y. The evening colors were very good that day in late August of 2003. There are twenty or so lighthouses around Lake Ontario in New York State alone. That used to be my backyard; it wasn't until I moved away that I wanted to start taking more pictures there.

Cape Hatteras LighthouseI would almost bet that everyone knows this one. My family and I were visiting the Outer Banks of North Carolina about two weeks before Hurricane Isabel struck. Cape Hatteras Lighthouse is by far the most photographed of all the lighthouses. I was there on the day that they had ceremony commemorating the One Hundredth anniversary of the National Park Service. It was held at Cape Hatteras Lighthouse because that was the first National Seashore. There was a special fly by from a plane that was in the Wright Brothers Museum.

Bodie Island LighthouseThe Bodie Island Lighthouse is pretty cool also. It has black and white stripes going around straight. The stripe pattern and color are known as the daytime signature. The pattern in which the light flashes at night is the night time signature. This trip on the Outer Banks was very informative.

Ocracoke LighthouseWhen taking the two-hour ferry from Cedar Island to the Outer Banks, the lighthouse in Ocracoke is your first stop. Though not as tall as the other lighthouses on the Outer Banks, Ocracoke's is very unique in structure. I was very impressed with the fact that all of the lighthouses on the Outer Banks were very well maintained.

Currituck Beach LighthouseThe Currituck Beach Lighthouse is the last (going north) or the first (going south) lighthouse on the Outer Banks that you will see. It is located on the north end of the Outer Banks. Get there in plenty of time though. When I got there it was closing time so I had to snap off a couple of quick shots as I was being told to leave. If I get the chance to return I'll get some more shots of this lighthouse.

The new Cape Henry LighthouseThe old Cape Henry LighthouseThe new lighthouse at Cape Henry on the left, and the old one on the right are located near Virginia beach. You can climb up the old lighthouse to get a good view. It was a long climb but worth the view. When I was in the gift shop of the old one. I saw a painted picture of both lighthouses together called "changing of the guard". This was a pretty neat experience seeing both lighthouses standing just across a road from each other.

Assateague LighthouseThis lighthouse in Virginia on Assateague Island was pretty easy to get to. We stopped here because this lighthouse was on the same Island that the wild horses run free on. My wife wanted to show me the wild horses. Although I didn't get to see very many horses, I did enjoy driving around Chincoteague and Assateague Islands. It is worth your time to go visit this place if you get the chance.

Ilwaco,Wa LighthouseThis lighthouse is in Ilwaco, WA. The night shot made me think about how the sailors saw this lighthouse coming into port. Again this is another product of attempting fill flash. This is not what I had envisioned when I was taking the picture. However, again the end results just blew me away. I ended up with an image that I couldn't believe how well it turned out. Perhaps one day I may figure this fill flash thing out. However as long as I keep getting images that look like this, I'll take them all day long and twice on Sunday. This shot was taken at about 9:30pm in early June of 2000. I don't know when I'll get back out there, so I have to take what I can get while I'm there.

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